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Floor Panels by OKIJIKI


Two types of floor panels are available to suit the quantity of cables to be installed.


floor panels type

  • Features

floor panels details

  • Spesification
FPV3000 FPZ3000
Photo floor panels 1 floor panels 2

500(W) X 500 (D) X 50(H) mm

500(W) X 500 (D) X 50(H) mm

Max load (N) 3000 N
Weight (kg) About 2.9 kg / panel (11.6kg / m2) About 3.0 kg / panel (12.0kg / m2)
Panel consolidation
Connection Ring
Max wire capacity LAN Cable (CAT.5E) 21 pcs / track LAN Cable (CAT.5E) 63 pcs / 3 tracks
Non-combustibility Based on JIS Standard (JIS A 1450) GRADE I
Earthquake resistance 1G
Material PET
  • Instalation Proces

OKIJIKI has been designed to simply fit in place. The installation process can be completed in 1-2 days* and can be handled during weekends, so the office doesn’t even need to close down. OKIJIKI will turn your office into a beautiful environment instantly.

* For an area of about 100 m2. Not including advance planning and cleaning.

1. Planning

floor panels planning
2. Design and Price Estimation
floor panels design

3. Moving Desks and Furnishings

floor panels moving

4. Laying the Office Panels

floor panels layouting

5. Replacing Desks and Furnishings

floor panels moving in