About Majalah Konsultan

Majalah Konsultan is an online magazine publishing company that is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Majalah Konsultan is a subsidiary of INKINDO (National Association of Indonesian Consultants), thus our niche as an online magazine publishing company covers the various fields of the consulting services which INKINDO members provide. Established under PT. Intermax, Majalah Konsultan aspires to be able to cater to individuals within and related to the consulting industry as well as to the general public by prioritizing on providing quality content, convenience and aesthetic values.

Our Vision

To improve awareness towards the role of consultants as well as to assist the development of the consulting industry through the delivery of knowledge and information.

Our Mission

To become an internationally well-acknowledged magazine which delivers valid, reliable, accurate and useful knowledge and information regarding the consulting industry to the society.


Organizational Structure

Pemrakarsa   :           INKINDO (Ikatan Nasional Konsultan Indonesia)

Susunan Redaksi       

Penanggung Jawab          :               Arie Bastaman

Pemimpin Usaha              :               Praditya Harry Prabowo

Pemimpin Redaksi           :               Praditya Harry Prabowo

Sekertaris Redaksi            :               Febri Alamsyah

Editor                                  :               Untung widyanto

Content Writer                  :               1. Hasdevi Agrippina Dradjat

                                                              2. Dinar Chandra Puspita

                                                              3. Karina Astawidara

Marketing                           :               1. Ammira Shahnaz

                                                              2. Putri Azzahra Ghazal

                                                              3. Monicka Faradila

Art Director                        :               Donald Aldya

Informasi Teknologi         :               Asep Saepulloh

Advisor                                :               1. Nugroho Pudji Rahardjo

                                                              2. Erie Heryadi

3. Sonny BM Tamjid